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Step 1

Pre-Listing Preparation

Imagine trying to sell your car without cleaning it first. That's what it's like putting your home on the market without pre-listing preparation. Make sure your house is in good condition, clean, decluttered, and staged appropriately to present the best possible image to potential buyers.

Step 2

Listing Consultation

Our listing consultation is not a chance for us to show off our sales records, but rather to focus on you and your goals for selling your home. We answer your questions, provide you with a customized marketing strategy, and outline a timeline for the sale. This will make the selling process smoother and more efficient.


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Step 3

Property Details Form

Just as a doctor needs detailed information to provide the best care, we need comprehensive information about your home to sell it effectively. Our property details form will only take a few minutes to complete but will ensure that we have all the crucial information about your property, so nothing gets overlooked.

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Step 4

Market Your Home

Whether your home is a quaint cottage or a sprawling mansion, our job is to find the right buyer. This involves comprehensive marketing that extends beyond just listing it on property websites. We'll help highlight your home's unique features and benefits, and ensure it reaches potential buyers who will appreciate its value.

Step 5

Negotiation Mastery

In a rapidly changing market, it's crucial to understand how to negotiate effectively. We'll guide you through the negotiation process, providing you with education about market trends and regulations, and helping you navigate through offers and counter-offers so you can secure the best deal possible.

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Trust Buckner Homes Realty Inc. for expert guidance through the selling process. Our dedicated team provides personalized service to help you achieve the best outcome for the sale of your property.

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In the largest transaction of your life, you should have the confidence that you have the best players on your team.

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