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New Law Forces Lenders To Speed Up Short Sales|More Short Sales in Ocala, Florida

This is great news for eveyone. If the banks would give an answer in 45 days then we could actually get some of these nice home closed. There are many people out there just throwing their hands up because it takes so long and the buyers woal away before the bank gives them an answer.

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This is breaking news from REO Insider…and great news at that…It appears that we will see some greater support in the form of actual Short Sale Laws from our government…Limiting the time a bank can respond to a short sale request from it’s borrowers…

Rep. Robert Andrews (D-NJ) and Rep. Tom Rooney (R-FL) have introduced a bill in the house H.R. 6133 – Prompt Decision for Qualification of Short Sale Act of 2010; that would force lenders to make a yes or no decision on a short sale within 45 days of the short sale request. This could be huge in facilitating short sales. Tim Harris.

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