Did you do a Short Sale?|What is Time you must wait to get New Loan?

Rules are changing! For everyone out there that had to sell their home as a short sale, you are being rewarded. New rules states that is you had a true hardship, like loss of income, loss of job, cut in pay, medical bills, and job transfer, then you could qualify for a new mortgage in as little as 1 year for you close date on the short sale.

The normal time frame is three years and 1 days before you can write application for a new loan. If you have waited that long then you would be qualified for First Time Home Buyers Program with $10,000 give to cover closing cost and down payments.

Now if you have saved 20% of the purchase price you can always get a conventional loan, with just a 2 year waiting period after short sale.
I hope this help you under stand what it will take to get a loan after a short sale.

When you are ready to purchase give Rhonda Buckner a call 352-266-2637 she has a reputation for result. As always, if you have any questions about real estate in Marion, Lake and Citrus County give us a call.

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$10,000 Any One?| First Time Home Buyers Program

$10,000 Anyone?

Do you know any one that could use $10,000. Sure we all could use it. The state of Florida has a First time home buyers financing program that is giving anyone that has not owned a home in the last 3 years an opportunity to purchase. Yes, there are minimum requirements, like 640 credit score and household income limits. Escambiahfa.com

It is a great opportunity for those who are looking to purchase and do not have cash for down payment and closing costs. This program can be used towards any home in Marion County. Ocala market is prime for first time home buyers. The prices of homes are still low and interest rates are in 3-4% still. One of my closing recently, the buyer had a total payment of $359.00. Where can you rent for that low. I find it hard to find anywhere to rent under $500.00 and to purchase a $80,000 home that is where you would be for a payment.

Give Rhonda a call for more details. Let me know if you or any friends or family might be interested.

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