Short Sale Pool Home $165,000|1652 E Gate Dancer Cir, Inverness

Great Deal Short Sale Pool Home. This home is well taken care of. Bank says bring all offers. Call Rhonda 352-266-2637 for more information on this home or any other home in Marion County.

Great deals on Homes in Ocala, Florida

Beautiful Custom Home Not a short sale in Ocala, Florida. This is one of the many deals in Ocala, florida. Real estate is selling in Ocala. Prices are at an all time low and are leveling off. Interested in buying call Rhonda Buckner 352-266-2637. Just say Help, Help me Rhonda!

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Why not Sell your home as a Short Sale?|Know your options

Most home owners I talk to have been trying to work with their bank to help them make up missed payments or to get caught up.  You need to understand that the banks are not out to help you.  They have a form that says … their rules. Example- “If they have been late they need to repay with penalty”.

If your month late then why are you not trying to short sale your home?  Everybank wants you to try to keep paying them.  They want the money not to service you. Each bank has their programs thaty they will try to get you to pay but I have not seen anyone get caught up or helped.  Each bank has government programs that they have to offer you.  

If you are living in your home and have had a hardship, then if the bank participates in HAFA, yu would get paid $3000 at closing.  I just closed a short sale and the owner want not living inthe home and had filed bankruptcy and she got $3000 at closing.   To me it is amazing. 

If you are upside down or have not paid your mortgage, call me  352-266-2637.  I can discuss your options.  Everyone is different because we all have different banks and 2nd’s, hardships.

If you are being transfered  and you have  not have to miss a payment, you can purchase immediately after you close on a short sale.   Call Rhonda to discuss what your options are 352-266-2637.

All banks will do short sales.  They take time but they are better for everyone.  You get no dificiency judgment and the bank do n ot have to pay $40,000 to foreclose.  Now if you sign a deed in lieu, your consequences are the same a s a foreclosure.

Please know your options. I am get sick watching people just give up.  Fight and get some money to help you move into a rental.  @ years after it is over you can get a new home, as long as you take care of your credit.  Call Rhonda 352-266-2637 for help.  Just call and say”Help, help me Rhonda”

Is The Bottom Here?|Ocala’s Housing Market

Nobody know what is really going to happen in the real estate market but they have predicted the bottom is here!  I know that each market is different, so listening to the national news can not tell you what is happening in Ocala’s housing market.  Read comment by Inman News on the bottoming out market. Then, below that, my statistic on Ocala’s market.

More than half of economists, real estate experts and investment strategists polled by MacroMarkets LLC in June said they now expect national home prices to hit a bottom sometime in 2011 and remain stable through 2015.

“A significant majority of our panelists believe that the bottom for home prices arrived in the first quarter or will arrive sometime before year-end. Despite persistent macroeconomic uncertainty and unprecedented housing market dysfunction, almost two-thirds of the panelists see the U.S. residential real estate market as at an historic turning point,” Shiller said in a statement. 

What is happeningin Ocala’s market.  Sales results for May, 2011 – 327 homes sold with 25% of the homes sold priced between $1-49,999.   I have seen in some neighborhoods the sales price per square foot to have go up in May by $10 a sq ft than in April.  To me that is a sign of bottoming prices.

My opinion is the bottom has come in Ocala and if you are seriously wanting to purchase a home, now is the time.   With most of the homes in Ocala, foreclosures or short sales, purchasing is difficult.  You either get in a bidding war on the foreclosures or have to wait on the banks answer on short sales. 

Waiting on a short sale is the best way to go, in my opinion.  I know it is hard but you will have clear title and a title policy.  On many bank owned properties, there could be future problems with the title.

Ocala has great homes for sale.  Call Rhonda Buckner anytime for information on any home in Marion County.  I can help you find your dream home.  Just call and say Help Help me Rhonda!