Prevent Foreclosure| How to short sale my home

Need help?  Under water in your mortgage?  What can you do?

Rhonda Buckner, Buckner Homes Realty Inc., Ocala’s Short Sale Specialist, can help YOU!   Call 352-266-2637 to find out how.

1) Loan Modification. Unfortunately, we know that loan mods don’t work for most people. In a vast majority of the cases the owner is stuck with the negative equity…and the loan modification only temporarily lowers their payment. Unless something radical changes with how loan mods are done we know mortgage loan modifications are simply extending the inevitable.

2) Short Sale. No secret, we are huge advocates of owners avoiding a foreclosure via a short sale. I have no doubt that helping people avoid foreclosure through a short sale is a huge opportunity. I truly help someone avoid the hardship of a foreclosure and most deficiency judgments.

3) Foreclosure or Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure. Be clear, both are foreclosures. Both have the same negative ramifications to your credit. Fact is, owners often simply walk away from their homes. 

There is help.  Call Rhonda for more information on what you can do. 352-266-2637

I have helped over 30 home owners in the last 12 months.  Some I have gotten $3000 at closing with no deficiency judgments.