Do you need a realtor to help with short sale in Ocala?

What an under statement. I have talked to sellers trying to work with the bank and do a short sale themselves. The bank want the most money they can get for the property. You need some one who knows how to negotiate with the banks and with the amount of short sales being completed, Realtor have more experience in negotiating with the banks that you would. Also you are very emotionally connected and some time you will not be able to get the best deal.

The process of a short sales is:
A) Send in a short sale package with ALL updated information from seller with a contract.
B) Bank does a BPO or appraisal to find the value of the property.
C) The bank compares appraisal to submitted HUD statement.

This process takes 60 -90 days. The banks do not care about timing, or closing dates on contracts. A example of banks timing: I had a contract accepted from a bank and the buyer backed out. I advertised “Bank approved sales price” I received an offer for the exact sales price. I resubmitted the new contract with HUD, and told them the buyer had to close in 3 weeks. He said that it was good because they needed to close it before end of month. It took the bank up to the day before the closing to get me a approval letter- what they agree to pay and receive from closing.

How many individual home seller have the time to stay on the phone with the banks for 1 hour at time, while they put you on hold or never get back with you. I do this on a consistent basis weekly. If o would like information on Ocala Short Sales, foreclosures, any property you can call me or search for Ocala properties . You can view Ocala Short sales
Let me know how I can help you. I can discuss your alternatives with you.

Pending Home Sales Up for Three Months in a Row

Everything over the last year has been at a stand still, NOW they are moving so quickly. If you are in the home buying mood, give Rhonda a call 352-266-2637. I will help you understand the home buying process and walk you through the whole frustrating process. I take the stress out of buying. Homes are sell at great prices!

Record low mortgage interest rates boosted pending home sales for the third consecutive month, with some benefit now from the first-time buyer tax credit, according to the latest numbers. Lawrence Yun, NAR chief economist, said buyers are responding to very favorable market conditions. “Housing affordability conditions have been at historic highs, but now the $8,000 first-time buyer tax credit is beginning to impact the market,” he said. “Since first-time buyers must finalize their purchase by November 30 to get the credit, we expect greater activity in the months ahead, and that should spark more sales by repeat buyers.””
Information from National association of Realtors.

Ocala real estate market is on the move. Pending sales are up. We closed 276 residential home in May. 29% were foreclosures and 23% were short sales. Things are selling and quickly. Rhonda can help find you a great lender and the perfect home. Call Rhonda 352-266-2637. Search for homes at See my great listings