Ocala Short Sale|42 Lake Court Loop

Great short sale in Ocala, FL
Great short sale in Ocala, FL

New listing in Silver Springs Shores in Ocala, Florida. This home is great for a first time home buyer. Large lot to play or use as a garden. Many flower beds in the yards. This home sits on a loop, so traffic is minimal. Ocala short sales are selling and this bank wants an offer. Virtual tour

Economy Recovery|Ocala Real Estate Market Update

May 5, 2009 – After two long years of recession, economists are beginning to see signs that the economy’s recovery is finally in sight. South Florida home sales are picking up, Wall Street has staged some solid rallies and even consumer confidence is rising.

Other economists agree that the worst may be over as soon as this summer. Consumers surely have had enough, judging by the strong jump in Floridians’ consumer confidence this month.

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I love hearing information like this. Every market is different and I am glad that South Florida is recovering. Ocala is doing very well. We have closed 245 residential sales last month. 13% were foreclosure, 10% were short sales, with 55+ communities closing 22%, leaving the majority to normal sales. That is good news!

April’s statistic show that the average sales price is $128,701 which is $16,000 higher than March. I believe this is good news, with the foreclosures not taking over the market we see good new for Ocala real estate market.

I believe that if you were a buyer now you are blessed. You have the best of both worlds. Interest rates are low at close to 5% and prices on homes are low. There are many programs for first time home buyer, SHIP, USDA and the tax credit of $8,000.

I would love to help you find a home in Ocala. Give me a call 352-266-2637  You can search for properties

$8,000 Tax Credit|Home Buying with Down Payment Assistance

For the Florida real estate industry, the budget includes several gems. Perhaps the shiniest: $30.1 million for down payment assistance programs. Beginning July 1, those who qualify for the federal first-time home buyers tax credit will be able to apply for down payment assistance in advance of closing, and then repay the amount borrowed when they get their tax refund.

“What an incredible opportunity for thousands of families,” says Cynthia Shelton, 2009 FAR president. “The beauty of this program is that the state will be paid back and, conceivably, more potential home buyers could take advantage prior to the Dec. 1 expiration of the $8,000 federal first time home buyer tax credit.”

This is great news for first time home buyers that do not have any money to put down or to do the repairs needed to fix up the foreclosures and short sales.  Most people want a great deal and they can get that in Ocala’s market.  Most foreclosures and short sales will need carpet and painting.  Now they are able to get the first time home buying tax credit from the State of Florida before they buy and pay the State back when the Federal gives them the credit on their tax return.

This is great news for a lot of people.  This will help many be able to buy Ocala short sales and the foreclosures.  What a deal.  Do you want to know if you qualify?  Call Rhonda  352-266-2637

First time home buyers can buy homes with 100% financing and get $8,000 to help repair the home or just put their special touch on their new home.